WAVE AFTER WAVE of energetic change! 5 big hits this week inc Sun conjunct Uranus ALL SIGNS

This week will provide us with hit after hit of energetic shift for almost five days in a row…..including three planets shifting signs and the dramatic annual conjunction of Sun with Uranus…… what will the general impact be for YOUR sign? Book a reading with Kesenya: www.astrolada.com/readers/kesenya Learn more with Kesenya's "Astrology of Many Marriages" Webinar: www.astrolada.com/courses/will-i-marry-again- PLEASE NOTE: The astrology wheel used by Kesenya is her own intellectual property copyright 2018. Please contact her if you would like to place an order to purchase your own Astrology Wheel. www.AstroLada.com Astrology, Horoscope

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Author: allee