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But the engineer missed Shropshire and his children so much that he looked for a way of combining his skills with working from home.

The result saw Mr Davies develop a completely new 3D-printer that prints out, not paper or plastic but cake icing.

And teaming up with his partner and baker, Anne Yewlett, the couple are now producing lifelike cakes from their home near Nesscliffe.

The 3D Cake Stall company is making a name for itself across the country, particularly for the lifelike model car cakes it produces.

They have proved so successful that the couple have employed two members of staff to put the finishing touches on the icing.


Mr Davies, 34, said: “I had a great job but I was working abroad and I missed my children. First of all I looked at keeping chickens and ducks but that wasn’t something I knew about. So I set about seeing how we could develop Anne wonderful cakes and hit upon using a 3-D printer for the icing.

“I now have a patent pending for the machines and we are in talks with high end stores about them stocking some our our designs.”

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He said some of the most popular cakes were the boxed drink bottles such as gin and prosecco, and the animal designs.

“The first cake I tried out was one that looked like our cat asleep.”

“It was so lifelike that when Anne came downstairs and saw it on the table she shouted at it to get down, thinking it was the cat.”

“Our best seller though has been our car models.”

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