Costco employees share their 9 best hacks for getting an even better deal

Costco employee chickenA number of employees advised springing for the executive membership. Paul Sakuma/AP Images

โ€ข Costco deals are a great way to save money โ€” but they’re not always obvious.

โ€ข Business Insider asked Costco employees to share their top tips for saving money and making the most of your experience at the store.

โ€ข From learning how to navigate the store to figuring out how to identify clearance items, here’s some advice from Costco employees.

Costco’s deals are a huge draw for many members.

The retail chain is known for hawking just about everything โ€” and selling it in bulk sizes.

Business Insider reached out to Costco employees to learn more about their top shopping tips and hacks because it pays to shop armed with insider information.

A total of 35 Costco employees ended up sharing their best strategies with Business Insider.

One employee of four years suggested shopping for everything at the chain, which isn’t that far-fetched of an idea, considering Costco sells cars vacations, food kits for the apocalypse, yummy fast food, and even caskets.

“The deals are amazing,” a Costco employee of four years told Business Insider. “Always think Costco first. From auto insurance, travel, mortgages, return policy, warranties โ€” if you can get it through Costco, you absolutely should.”

Here’s what Costco workers had to say about how you can instantly better your shopping experience:

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