The ‘Jurassic Park’ 25th Anniversary LEGO Set is Almost Here


LEGO has created a set within the Jurassic World lineup that celebrates the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park, and we have all of the details on when and where you’ll be able to get it! But let’s break things down a bit first.

The set is small at only 360 pieces, but look at it! Indeed, you can “open the kitchen cabinet to hide Lex and Tim Murphy from the Velociraptor, use the locking door function to keep the dinosaur out of the computer control room, then push it through the breakable window to continue the chase”. The full list of features for the set include:


  • Includes 4 minifigures: Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Lex Murphy and Tim Murphy, plus a Velociraptor figure.
  • Features a computer control room with lab, and a kitchen area.
  • Control room features a computer desk, ladder, telephone, door locking system and smashing window, plus a cold storage unit with dinosaur DNA and embryo storage, and a security camera.
  • Kitchen area features a jelly dessert, chocolate, spoon, cleaver, hot dog, pots and pans, and an opening cabinet.
  • Velociraptor features posable limbs, head and snapping jaws.
  • Also includes a gun stud shooter.
  • Accessory elements include 8 dinosaur embryos, walkie-talkie, umbrella, wrench and a shaving foam can.
  • Push the lever to activate the locking door!
  • Hide the children in the kitchen cabinet to escape the Velociraptor.
  • This dinosaur set is suitable for ages 6-12.
  • Measures over 3” (8cm) high, 11” (29cm) wide and 8” (21cm) deep.

Now for the important bit. If you want to get your hands on the Jurassic Park 25th anniversary LEGO set, you’ll need to shop at Walmart on April 16th – they’ve got the exclusive on this one. Presumably, it will also be made available online via this link. If you do manage to find it online, we suggest ordering it right away as these will probably sell out quickly, and hoping for the best at your local store rarely pays off. Ordering one for pickup at your local store is probably the best option. The set will retail for $39.99. UPDATE: These Jurassic World LEGO sets will also drop on April 16th.

Additional images for the Jurassic Park 25th anniversary LEGO set can be found in the gallery, but it isn’t the only big LEGO news today. A wave of new releases for Solo: A Star Wars Story have also been made available, starting with this beauty right here:


You can order the entire line of Solo: A Star Wars Story LEGO sets online at the LEGO Shop at this very moment. Plus, there’s a free Darth Vader pod available for a limited time with orders of $60 or more. You can find the entire list of upcoming sets right here, but the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon is definitely going to be the prime target.

The 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon set includes 1,413 pieces and retails for $169.99. It features a 2-minifigure cockpit with detachable canopy, 2 spring-loaded shooters, sensor dish, ramp, rotating top and bottom laser turrets with 2 gunner seats. There are also opening hull plates to allow for easy access to the interior, which includes a cargo area with couch and Dejarik hologame table, bar, bunk, missile storage compartment, and a buildable hyperdrive with repair tools. Six minifigures will come with the set along with a DD-BD droid.

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