MKR judge Manu Feildel reveals more about the team booted from the competition for going too far

MY Kitchen Rules judge Manu Feildel has revealed more about the show’s “scandal”, where one team will be axed from the cooking competition.

In an interview with Weekend Sunrise, Feildel said that he had “never” seen anything like this in the history of the hit reality TV cooking show.

“Never. I hope I never see it again,” he said.

TV viewers will finally see how the war of words plays out between NSW besties, Sonya, 34, and Hadil, 30, and NSW sisters, Jess, 31, and Emma, 38, when the show returns this Sunday night.

Channel Seven has saturated its promos for months with teasers about the moment where one team had gone “too far”.

The team to be eliminated from MKR following an offensive dinner party comment was hinted at after Hadil called Emma a “blow fish” before she hit back saying: “You look like Bubba Gump.”

“Guys, a little bit of respect,” MKR judge Pete Evans is heard saying at one point.

The argument was sparked after Sonya and Hadil said the sisters were “definitely not the top eight we expected in this competition, but it’s going to make it easier to beat them.”

In the ad, Hadil fires back at MKR contestant Josh, telling him to “stay out of it” and “don’t let me come for you.”

“Don’t let me come for you,” Hadil says as she threatens another contestant in one scene.

“You’ve got serious issues,” Jess yells in another response.

Feildel tells one team: “Things have got too out of hand. This behaviour is unacceptable! “You’re excused from the table.”

Someone else is later taken away in an ambulance, but it is unclear who this is and why as the drama continues and a team is booted from the show.

The Sunday Telegraph revealed in December last year that an all-girl team would be kicked off the set of hit reality TV program.

When asked how the war of words between the contestants began, Feildel said he was unsure.

“I think it was just step-by-step. They started having a go a little bit and it just grew and went too far,” he told Weekend Sunrise.

“We like a bit of spice in the kitchen and among the contestants, but this has taken it to a whole new level.

“It is too hot. Of course, we like people with opinions who tell us what they think, but to that extent, it is too much.”

Feildel also revealed that he and Evans are not in the room “24/7” with the contestants.

“We don’t spend the whole time around the table, either,” he said.

“We spend a lot of time in the kitchen making sure the cooks are doing the right thing,

and sometimes in the back watching in the production room.

“A lot of things happen when we are not at the table. They feel like they are a bit more free to talk without the teachers in the room.

“We don’t know where it started, but it basically happened through a few episodes and suddenly it went too far.”

Despite not knowing where the tension started between the girls, he did say that he and Evans had picked up on it during filming.

“Yes, definitely. It is like poking the bear,” he said.

While Feildel admitted they were keen on interesting TV, they drew the line at the behaviour they witnessed.

“Obviously, we want interesting television, but not going too far, you would have to ask them to leave the table,” he said.

“We have proved that if you are going to act like this, you will not be part of the show anymore. That is what we are. We are supposed to be a family show. It is a bad example for all of us.”

My Kitchen Rules’ returns Sunday night at 7pm on Seven and will continue on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night.

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