MasterChef winner Julie Goodwin has given a touching statement following drink driving arrest

MASTERCHEF winner Julie Goodwin has taken to Facebook to issue an emotional statement after being charged with drink driving after being caught at more than double the legal limit on Thursday night.

Charged with mid-range drink driving, the 47-year-old had her license suspended on the spot and has posted an emotional statement saying she is ‘devastated’.

“Last night while driving home from a celebratory function I had catered, I was stopped by Police and subjected to a random breath test which I failed”, she wrote.

“I have subsequently been charged with mid-range drink driving.

“Needless to say I accept full responsibility for this error in judgment, which I believe is completely out of character for me.”

Goodwin went on to apologise to her family and the community who she feels she has “let down”.

“I want to take the opportunity to offer a heartfelt and unreserved apology to my family, my colleagues, and to the broader community”, she said.

“I would also like to apologise to everyone that has supported me over many years, I have let you all down.”

The 104.5 radio host, who won MasterChef in 2009, allegedly tried to evade the police random breath test by doing a U-turn while driving in North Gosford on the NSW Central Coast at around 8pm.

She was eventually caught by police and taken to the police station where her blood alcohol reading was 0.107.

The Police confirmed that they held a roadside RBT on the Pacific Highway at North Gosford when Julie approached in her car.

In a statement to The Daily Telegraph, Brisbane Water Chief Inspector Nigel Webber said, “Police will allege a Mini Cooper sedan approached the RBT site before conducting a U-turn and driving away.”

Goodwin will face Gosford Local Court on May 25.

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