Coronation Street spoilers: 8 things that happen next in Eva Price and Aidan Connor’s story as they exit

8 things that happen next in Eva and Aidan's Corrie story as they exit

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Eva Price may have lied to Aidan Connor and told him that it was a mistake to say that she was pregnant with his baby in Coronation Street but there is bound to be more drama ahead for this pair before both Shayne Ward and Catherine Tyldesley make their exits from the show. 

A lot of speculation has been rife about how Aidan and Eva will go and fans have also been wondering what Aidan has been hiding given his recent uncharacteristic behaviour. One thing’s for sure, these are characters who won’t depart in a quiet manner. But there’s much more to come first…

Aidan will suspect

Eva has realised that there is little chance of building a family with Aidan after he reacted so coldly to her reveal that she is pregnant and subsequently told him that she had misled him over the announcement. But Aidan will be given cause to suspect that something else is at play…


Simon will blackmail Toyah

8 things that happen next in Eva and Aidan's Corrie story as they exit

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Simon knows that something is going on and takes great pleasure in making things very difficult for Toyah. As Toyah finds herself blackmailed by the mischievous teen, she is caught and has to work out how to deal with Simon before the truth about the baby plan is exposed to Peter.

Eva will go into labour

Being over seven months pregnant, it’s inevitable that there are labour scenes coming up. With Eva packed off to a cottage to await the arrival of the baby who she plans to hand to Toyah, we can’t reveal the circumstances of the birth and whether it all goes smoothly. But it will prove to be the catalyst for the final chapter of the story.

Eva has to make a final decision

It’s one thing making an arrangement to say that you will give up your baby – it’s another entirely to hold your newborn in your arms and still be able to go through with it. Eva has already had her doubts – will she really be able to say goodbye to her child and hand it to Toyah? She has a big decision to make…

Aidan may discover the truth

There is still every chance that Aidan will discover the truth and fans may feel short changed if he doesn’t find out this long held secret before the exit storylines play out. It’s bound to be suspicious if Toyah comes back with a baby and Eva is suddenly no longer pregnant – but has no baby. So how will Eva and Toyah get around this? Could Eva decide not to return, prompting Aidan to work out the truth and go off in search of her?

Or perhaps Eva has a change of heart and comes clean to Aidan after all?

The pair could reunite as they exit

Viewers are pinning their hopes on Eva and Aidan working things out. They have been through a lot but with a baby together, they will have something to build a relationship on and it’s clear that there are still immense feelings between them. Could they finally decide to make a go of things as a strong unit?


Aidan’s mysterious behaviour needs resolved

Aidan worries about the operation in Coronation Street

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There’s no getting away from the fact that Aidan hasn’t been himself lately. He used to be full of himself to the point of near arrogance but lately, he has been subdued, emotional and has been doing odd things like hiding mail.

So just what is the secret that he is hiding and will it play a part in his departure?

Shayne Ward’s final story is important

Shayne hasn’t given much away in terms of how he leaves but with him already having filmed his last scenes, it won’t be long before we find out. He has described his last storyline as ‘important’ so that’s a cryptic clue that Coronation Street could have something big still to play out – but viewers will just have to wait and see!

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