Public Art Fund Is Serving Up Hot Dogs And Art For Everyday Experiences

Public Art Fund Is Serving Up Hot Dogs And Art For Everyday Experiences

This summer, the non-profit art organization is planning a series of exhibitions that involve food items like hotdogs, pots and pans

Public Art Fund is a non-profit organization that helps artists share their vision with the city of New York. This summer, it will mount an art exhibition with Austrian sculptor Erwin Wurm, who is planning to drive around in a “hot dog bus” serving people free hot dogs.

The summer season from the Public Art Fund will come as a three-part exhibition, two of which relate to food. The first a yellow Volkswagen modified by Wurm to appear similar to the shape of a hot dog. The vehicle that he is referring to as a “hot dog bus” will act as a food truck serving free hot dogs around New York City. The third exhibition will be five new sculptures by New York artist B. Wurtz created from household kitchen items, such as pots and pans, which will be displayed in City Hall Park in Manhattan.

These artworks follow the organization’s theme of taking aspects of everyday life and turning those experiences into art. The fund’s director and chief curator Nicholas Baume told The New York Times that he hopes the exhibit will show “how we interact with our environment and our city, transforming them into platforms for making art.”

The first exhibit, “Erwin Wurm: Hot Dog Bus” will open on June 9 at Brooklyn Bridge Park in Dumbo. Wurtz’s show will open on August 7.

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Lead Image: Erwin Wurm

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