How Gotham’s Latest Big Death Set The Stage For The Joker

Let it not be said that Gotham is unafraid to kill off major characters! The latest episode was a bloodbath that saw a lot of murder and mayhem courtesy of none other than Jerome Valeska, and he was on the verge of driving masses insane courtesy of the gas he commissioned from the Scarecrow. After getting his hands on major figures like the mayor, his brother Jeremiah, and Bruce Wayne, Jerome seemed poised to win the day. Gordon and the GCPD did get the upper hand, and Jim shot Jerome a few times before Jerome let himself slip off of a rooftop and fall to his death. Jerome seems really, truly, genuinely, 100% SUPER dead this time around. R.I.P. Jerome. As much of a shame as it is to lose Jerome, his death means one thing: the Joker’s time has come, and it’s none other than Jeremiah.

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