Drug mule Cassie Sainsbury’s shock revelation

Appearing on the Kyle & Jackie O Show on Friday morning, the convicted drug smuggler said she would have only made $4000 for carrying 5.8kg of cocaine.

‘I actually broke up with Scott back in February. It’s been kept very quiet,’ she told the co-hosts.ย ‘From the moment I got in here the relationship was doomed. I broke up with Scott because it was the best thing for me and the best thing for his future as well.’

Speaking on the phone from her Colombian jail, Sainsbury said she could have made as little as $4,000 for smuggling the cocaine.

‘What I was told was, the $10,000 [that she was to be paid], they would take out my flights, my accommodation, I would be paid what was left over,’ she said.ย ‘But I never got paid anything.’ย 

The Adelaide local, who escaped a 30-year jail sentence after making a plea deal in February, revealed she had also been facing discrimination behind bars.

She said she was tested as soon as she entered the ‘patio’ she shared with 15 other prisoners in the El Buen Pastor women’s prison.

‘Everyone looks at white people as ‘gringos’…there is a lot of discrimination. Not knowing Spanish, everything just piled on and people took advantage,’ she said.ย 

The 22-year-old was sentenced to six years in jail after being caught with cocaine hidden inside 18 headphone boxes as she tried to leave Bogota’s airport in April 2017.

Sainsbury maintains she thought she had taken a legitimate courier job transporting documents for $10,000.ย 

In a last minute change of plans she was told to go to Colombia, and was threatened by a man known as Angelo.

The ‘mastermind’ threatened via WhatsApp to kill her mum, sister and fiance Scott if she did not transport his drugs.

Sainsbury could be released as early as 2020 ifย with good behaviour and time served if early release is approved by a Colombian judge.

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