John Legend Tells ‘Ellen’ He Knows Who Bit Beyonce

John Legend has all the inside info on the biggest celebrity gossip.

The Oscar-winning singer stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to talk about his amazing performance in “Jesus Christ Superstar Live!” and expecting his second child, but the conversation soon turned to a more important subject: Who bit Beyonce?

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DeGeneres asked Legend about the story in which Beyonce was allegedly bitten on the face by someone at a party, and apparently his wife Chrissy Teigen knows who the culprit is.

“We weren’t there, first of all,” Legend clarified. “But we know people who were there, and they know who it was. We know who it was and we’re not talking about it, though.”

The singer did reveal another bit of Beyonce info. His daughter Luna said “Beyonce” for the first time recently.

“That was Luna’s first ‘Beyonce’. I feel like I should write it down in her baby book,” Legend joked.

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DeGeneres also had Legend play a game of “You Don’t Know Jack About Chrissy” and the stakes were high since the last time Teigen was on the show she had her play a similar game about her husband and she did very poorly.

It turns out Legend knows his wife quite well, from her middle name (Diane), to five states she’s lived in (Utah, California, Washington, Idaho, and Ohio).

Legend also graced the “Ellen” audience with his first TV performance of his funky single “A Good Night”.



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