Bachelor in Paradise star Blake Colman reveals the key scene that never made it to air

IT WAS the return of a rivalry we couldn’t wait to see.

During Sophie Monk’s season of The Bachelorette, the ‘Potplant Piss-gate’ feud between ‘villain’ Blake Colman and stage-five clinger Jarrod Woodgate was one of the cornerstones of the entire show.

In case you’d somehow forgotten: Ugly scenes erupted when Jarrod realised the ‘His’ version of the ‘His and Her’ pot plants he’d gifted Sophie had died. Immediately, whispers began circulating that his rival Blake had relieved himself in the pot — which led to ongoing clashes between the pair.

So when it was announced that they’d signed up to appear alongside each other once more in spin-off series Bachelor in Paradise, fans were convinced there’d be fireworks — and were left disappointed.

In fact … the two seem like the best of friends.

What the hell happened?

Speaking to, Blake finally revealed the moment which changed everything between the former rivals, and why it never made it to our screens.

“When Jarrod first rocked up [in Paradise], I took him aside and had a good chat with him, and apologised for sort of being a d**k,” he explained.

“So we became good friends after that, put the past in the past, and he said some nice things.”

They became so tight, in fact, that Blake decided to become Jarrod’s wingman and “make sure he wouldn’t be so full-on as he was in Sophie’s season”.

“I was just sort of helping him along the way to think a bit more logically, instead of so emotionally,” he explained.

(Unfortunately, the wheels appeared to have fallen off that bus by the time Sunday night’s episode rolled around. Jarrod became progressively more agitated as Canadian newcomer Daniel Maguire seemed to move in on his girl — even breaking down in tears and threatening to “walk out” over it.)

So why didn’t the unlikely new bromance between Blake and Jarrod make it to air?

“I have no idea. There’s not enough time to put all the contents in, you know, so some things get left out, which sucks.”

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