Olly Murs insists ‘shots WERE fired’ during Black Friday London Oxford Street terror scare

The X Factor star has spoken out publicly for the first time since 2017’s Black Friday terror false alarm.

Olly who was in department store, Selfridges, when panic ensued over terror fears, was mocked for sharing his concerns on Twitter.

The Voice UK judge posted to his 8.4 million followers at the time: “F*** everyone get out of @Selfridges now gun shots!! I’m inside.”

Olly then got into a Twitter spat with Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan, after the 53-year-old accused him of causing panic with his tweet.

Olly Murs has spoken about last year's Black Friday terror scareGETTY

COMING FORWARD: Olly Murs has spoken about last year’s Black Friday terror scare

It came at a time when London was on high terror alert.

But, in a new interview with The Sun, the 33-year-old is standing by his previous comments that guns were going off.

He said: “Something happened that day. Whether it was covered up, I don’t know.

“It’s all a bit murky.”

Piers Morgan was not impressed with Olly Murs' tweetsGETTY

HITTING OUT: Piers Morgan was not impressed with Olly Murs’ tweets

Recalling the incident, Olly said: “I ran into an office after being told by the staff of Selfridges that someone was there with a gun.

“Whether they were shooting in the air, or whatever, something happened that day – whether it was covered up, I don’t know.”

Olly revealed that he was in the shop to buy a massage chair for his aunt for Christmas.

“One minute I’m sitting there and this guy’s saying, ‘If you press this button you get a massage’ – the next I’m getting thrown against a wall.

Olly Murs feels certain that there was a terror threatINSTAGRAM/ OLLY MURS

INSISTENT: Olly Murs feels certain that there was a terror threat

“And then there’s people screaming and running towards exits and I’m thinking, ‘What the f***?’

“I ran for my life thinking ‘Someone’s upstairs shooting.’ The noise of people screaming, it was terrifying.”

Olly admits that he didn’t hear gunshots himself, rather his claim was based on information passed on from staff and fellow shoppers.

He said that he was crammed into an office with a group of people as they readied themselves for coming face-to-face with terrorists.

“I found a door and said ‘Guys, quick, let’s go into this office’. We ended up going through this back alley and got about 20 people in.

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JUDGE: Ruth Olajugbagbe was crowned winner on Saturday night’s final of The Voice UK

“We shut the door and we kept walking. There were people picking up, like, things to use

“The manager was in there, other senior people. This woman said ‘Someone was up there shooting, I could see him, in the beauty aisle he had a gun.’

“This girl was saying ‘Don’t tell me I’m lying, I saw this guy with my own eyes’. Whether he shot someone or was shooting in the air – well, obviously he didn’t shoot anyone – but someone saw something.”

Nine people were injured as crowds rushed out of Oxford Circus Tube station.

At 6.05pm police stood down from the scene and finding no evidence of a terror attack taking place.

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