Elsa Pataky To Star In Netflix’s First Australian Series ‘Tidelands’

Spanish-born actress and model Elsa Pataky is starring in Netflix‘s first Australian original production, Tidelands. The streaming service announced that filming for the eight-part series has just started in Queensland under the direction of Toa Fraser (Daredevil).

According to Netflix, Tidelands follows “a young woman who returns home to the small fishing village of Orphelin Bay after ten years in juvenile detention. But her hometown is shrouded in mysteries, the greatest of which is the commune of outcasts who live in a hidden pocket of the bay: the Tidelanders.” 

Elsa will portray Adrielle Cuthbert, the “darkly enigmatic and keenly intelligent leader” of the Tidelanders.Pataky, 41, will star alongside Aussie actors Charlotte Best, Pete O’Brien and Aaron Jakubenko. 



For Elsa, who resides in Byron Bay with husband Chris Hemsworth and their three children, the local project affords her more time with her young family. The Fast and Furious actress recently confessed to putting her own career on-hold so that Chris could take on more film roles. 

He was very young to be starting a family, and at the same time he was juggling that with his career and it was sometimes difficult, there was so much going on,” she told Elle earlier this year

Adding that motherhood has shifted her priorities. “It’s interesting how you can be a successful woman who has been working her whole life, and then you have kids and suddenly your career isn’t as important and you don’t appreciate it as much, and you just think, ‘What am I doing? I have been fighting all my life for this and now I don’t know if I really want it?’” she said.

“It’s unfair in a way, because I don’t think men go through that. But when you become a mum, everything that was important goes into second position. You change a lot, you mature, you see life differently and learn so many things.”

Tidelanders will premiere globally on Netflix, a release date has not been set. 

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