Gemma Collins ‘wet herself’ after embarrassing Radio 1 Teen Awards fall

Gemma, 37, was presenting an award for Best TV Show when she fell through a trap door.

“Love Island!” she announced, before spinning around and almost crushing Love Island’s Marcel Somerville.

The TOWIE 2018 star became an instant internet sensation and the clip was even played on The Wendy Williams Show in the US.

But if embarrassing herself in front of millions wasn’t enough, Gem has admitted that she wet herself straight after too.

“The worst thing about it was that I wet myself as it was such a shock,” she told OK! magazine.

Gemma Collins fall GETTY

EPIC TUMBLE: Gem became an meme queen for her on-stage fall last year

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AWKS: Gemma admitted wetting herself after plummeting of the stage

β€œThe worst thing about it was that I wet myself as it was such a shock”

Gemma Collins

“James [Argent] came running down from the audience to make sure was okay and all I could think was, I hope he can’t tell I’ve wet myself.”

She added: “That hole changed my life, it catapulted me into a meme star.”

Luckily, Gem’s little accident hasn’t appeared to put James “Arg” Argent, 30, off one bit.


GLOW: Gemma didn’t tell new boyfriend Arg at first about her little accident

Gemma Collins and Arg appeared closer than ever on TOWIE last night.

The couple – who are now “official” – bought a Spanish holiday home for the summer and even visited a financial adviser so that they could get joint bank accounts.

Gem then dropped the bombshell that the new Spanish pad was to relax her bod in preparation for pregnancy, leaving Arg very nervous.

Gemma Collins and James Argent speakingWENN

OFFICIAL: Gemma and Arg are spending the summer in Spain together

“We got matching watches and we’ve bought a holiday home in Spain and now we’re setting up a joint bank account,” she told him.

“We’ve known each other for so long, we know other so well…I love you so much, I’ll give you anything I’ve got.”

She continued: “Part of going to Spain is to relax my body to prepare for a baby.”

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