Karl Stefanovic’s ‘awkward’ interview with Kylie Minogue

Karl Stefanovic has been criticised for his 60 Minutes interview with Kylie Minogue which aired on Sunday night.

Karl Stefanovic's 'awkward' interview with Kylie Minogue

The singer opened up about turning 50 in a few weeks, admitting she just wanted to “enjoy” herself and “understand as best as possible where [she is] in the world” right now.

But, Karl’s reply was rather unexpected and left Kylie lost for words.

Karl Stefanovic 60 Minutes

Karl Stefanovic has been criticised for his 60 Minutes interview with Kylie Minogue. Source: Nine

“Well, you’re doing it very well,” the 43-year-old told the singer. “I mean, it helps obviously that you’re a hot 50-year-old.”

Right. Okay then, Karl.

Kylie Minogue 60 Minutes

Karl referred to Kylie as a ‘hot 50-year-old’ which left her a bit lost for words. Source: Nine

“Oh, well. Thanks,” she replied. “We try, we try.”

Kylie really didn’t know where to look or where to go from there adding, “I don’t know what to say to that”.

Earlier in the interview the pair also discussed her split from fiancรฉ Joshua Sasse last year.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie did manage to laugh it off. Source: Nine

The Today host had some more poignant advice to offer.

Apparently Kylie needs to “stop dating incredibly good-looking d*ckheads”. Right-o.

Many viewers were quick to take to social media to criticise Karl’s interview with Kylie.

Some even referred to the presenter as ‘creepy’.

Let’s just say the video above is a very interesting watch.

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