Karl Stefanovic cabbie scandal, part 2: The rest of what the driver heard will stun you

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He is the highest paid person in the Australian television industry, however, despite a week from hell which exposed an embarrassing conversation where he slammed his Today colleagues and bosses, it seems Karl Stefanovic still thinks he’s ‘untouchable.’

There were no signs of on-air remorse after details of his infamous car ride with brother Peter went public in New Idea last week, which saw Karl say that Georgie needs to ‘step up big time’ and slam Nine bosses for being ‘out of touch’.

Now, in part two of our exclusive interview with the driver who overheard their late-night embarrassing car conversation, the driver tells New Idea that Karl’s own brother Peter gushed to him: ‘You are the Today show’ – showing that Karl and his brother believe he is much bigger than the show.

‘Karl has a close inner circle, people who worship him, and they have convinced him that without him there is no Today show,’ says our insider.

‘It’s gone to his head, he honestly believes he can do no wrong.’

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But it seems Karl might be in even more hot water with Nine bosses after they read part two of our exclusive interview with the driver who overheard their conversation.

In new unreleased details, the driver reveals that Karl was overheard openly criticising Nine’s flagship show 60 Minutes, taking an even bigger swipe at network bosses.

Speaking to New Idea in our original interview, the driver said he heard Karl say: ‘60 Minutes is not what it was a couple of years ago – it has lost relevance and lost viewers. It’s often on at 8.45pm – you draw your own conclusion on how it’s going. The people upstairs don’t know anything and are out of touch with what’s going on.’

And the fact that Today has only won the morning TV ratings once this year – while Karl was on holiday and Ben Fordham was the host – could be even more reason for him to be nervous about his role.

‘There are a lot of people who would love a chance at that job,’ says our source.

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