James Packer checks into $36Ka-week rehab facility

Just days after announcing he’s withdrawn from his duties as Crown Resorts director for mental health reasons, Australian billionaire James Packer has checked himself into a rehab facility in the US.

James Packer checks into $36Ka-week rehab facility

The 50-year-old walked into The Pavilion psychiatric evaluation and treatment ward at Boston’s McLean Hospital, with his mother Ros Packer and a friend by his side, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

Charging a rate of $72K for a two week stay, the exclusive facility is known for housing wealthy patients from across the globe, and touts itself as a “premier destination for adults requiring comprehensive psychiatric consultation, assessment, and treatment”.

James packer rehab

James Packer check into rehab facility. Photo: Getty

A host of specialists across multiple disciplines assess patients over a fortnight to diagnose and devise an individual treatment plan. They offer neurological, psychiatric and sleep assessments, and every patient in the 11-bed facility is given a private room and ‘catered meals’.

On their website, the ward says it is able to help adults with a “broad range of disorders including difficulties with mood instability, psychotic symptoms, cognitive impairment, self-destructive or self-injurious behaviour, and dual diagnoses, especially substance use.”

The Pavilion rehab

The ward offers to diagnose and organise a treatment plan over a two-week stay. Photo: The Pavilion

A person who saw Packer enter the hospital tells the Telegraph, “It seemed like she [Ros] was looking after him”.

“[She was] telling him what he should be doing, and he was doing what she asked him to.”

It’s believed the casino mogul’s mum flew into Boston to be there for her son.

James packer's mum Ros

His mum Ros, pictured here in 2002, was by his side in Boston. Photo: Getty

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for Packer revealed he had “resigned from the board of Crown Resorts Ltd for personal reasons.”

“Mr Packer is suffering from mental health issues,” the statement went on to explain, “At this time he intends to step back from all commitments.”

The news comes after the casino mogul gave a candid interview last year where he confessed his failed relationship and engagement to singer Mariah Carey ‘was a mistake’.

He said he began dating celeb during a low point in his life when he was in over $5 billion of debt and looking for ways to build business ties in the US, where his ex-wife Erica and three kids live.

At the time, he was missing his kids and ‘terrified’ of the immense amount of debt he’d racked up.

Rumours are now swirling that Packer is interested in rekindling his romance with second wife Erica, whom he separated from in 2013, but she may not be as keen.

“[Erica] has finally got her life together,” an unnamed friend told the Sunday Telegraph, “She doesn’t want to undo the good work she’s done with James repairing the relationship.”

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