MAFS villain Dean cries on live TV

Despite being labelled the ‘douchebag’ of the series, it seems Married at First Sight star Dean Wells may not be as tough as we thought.

MAFS villain Dean cries on live TV

Appearing on Talking Married after last night’s episode aired, Dean was seen actually tearing up on live TV.

Yep, Dean Wells officially welled up.

“Why the emotion Dean?” the talk show hosts asked him.

MAFS villain Dean cries on live TV

Dean Wells appeared on Talking Married and was seen crying on live TV after last night’s episode aired. Source: Nine

It seems the impact of his controversial behaviour on the show has finally hit him.

“It’s all kind of caught up with me,” he said. “ Watching all that back and watching Tracey’s reaction, I just got gripped in it for a minute there.”

MAFS villain Dean cries on live TV

Dean and Tracey were matched on Married At First Sight but unfaithful Dean hasn’t made it smooth sailing for the pair. Source: Nine

Last night’s episode saw the ‘honesty’ boxes come out to play, giving Dean the chance to ask wife Tracey why she decided to stay with him after he had admitted to seeing fellow contestant Davina behind her back.

And to Dean’s complete shock, Tracey revealed part of the reason was out of ‘spite’.

MAFS villain Dean cries on live TV

Dean was completely shocked when Tracey revealed she stayed with him out of ‘spite’. Source: Nine

“I stayed because I saw something in you the minute I met you and I could see why the experts matched us – and it killed me that you couldn’t see it and you were so quick to leave,” she said.

“I also stayed out of spite because I was so humiliated, and I wanted you to feel a consequence of what you did,” Tracey then revealed.

MAFS villain Dean cries on live TV

Tracey has dealt with a whole lot of bombshells from husband Dean and she was not happy about it. Source: Nine

After he watched the episode back, we finally saw a bit of empathy from him.

“I guess just slowly starting to realise how it affected people and how it affected Tracey and that night it just all came to a head a little bit,” he said to the Talking Married hosts.

Although unfortunately as we’ve learnt on the show, honesty is not Dean’s best quality, so while it was a refreshing sight, we’re still skeptical of how genuine these tears may have been.

MAFS villain Dean cries on live TV

Dean copped the heat this season after cheating on wife Tracy with fellow contestant Davina, now it seems he has finally realised the impact of his actions. Source: Nine

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