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VIRAL VIDEO: Male Elsa Pushes Frozen Police Car Out of Snow

BOSTON (WFLA) – When a police wagon got stuck in the snow, it was doomed to stay frozen until Queen Elsa came along.

Outside of The Gallows eatery in Boston, the police were saved by a hunky Disney princess. 

In a video posted Tuesday night, a hero dressed as Elsa from “Frozen” dug his feet into the snow trying to shove the vehicle free.

Like any majestic queen, the man signaled the wagon to back up with a graceful wave.

As the wind blew through his dress and hair, Elsa got tons of support from inside the bar, with chants and cheers.

The snow queen was eventually able to let it go once the police wagon was safe.

Before departing, Elsa elegantly curtsied to the adoring spectators basking in the praise. 

Naturally, the video went viral racking up more than 3.1 million views and over 81,000 shares in less than 24 hours. 

Christopher B. Haynes, who caught it all on camera said, “I went down for taco Tuesday like everyone else and met a Disney princess.”

Let’s hear it for Queen Elsa saving the day!

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