‘Riverdale’ recap: ‘Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes’

On the latest episode of Riverdale, the main four go into the woods for a weekend trip,  Kevin finds out his dad’s secret, and Cheryl makes a friend.

Previously on Riverdale, The Cooper’s and Jones’s helped cover up Chic’s murder. Also, Archie discovered Hermione planted a fake FBI agent to make sure he is loyal to the family.

“The Hills Have Eyes” opens on Betty Cooper as she checks the news looking for any hint of the man Chic murdered. Chic uses her shower, drinks orange juice out of the carton, and generally invades her space.

At the Blossom’s, Cheryl makes comments about her mother’s profession. Penelope blames her for making Hal leave and says Cheryl will never know love.

At the Lodge’s, Hiram tells Veronica and Archie he and Hermione were going to go on a mini vacation to their cabin at Shadow Lake, but work came up. He says they can go instead and wants Andre to stay nearby in case they need anything. Veronica says no to Andre staying. Hiram suggests they bring their friends and then asks to speak to Archie alone. He tells Archie while the teens are gone, he and Hermione will be having a meeting with some big families. He wants Veronica safe somewhere else, considering the tensions surrounding Papa Poutine’s death. Hiram also says Andre will be there, and to not tell Veronica.

At the Jones’s, FP and Jughead argue over where to move given the trailer park situation. Jughead says he will figure out how to get to Hiram.

At Riverdale High, Kevin asks Moose to go to with him to go see Love, Simon. Moose is going with Midge and asks Kevin to come with them, saying Midge knows about their time together. Kevin declines and leaves.

In the student lounge, Veronica tells the others about the cabin. Jughead and Betty agree to go. Cheryl hears them talking and tries to invite herself along, but Veronica says it is a couples-only trip. Cheryl plasters on a fake smile and wishes them a nice couples trip.

Jughead tells Betty he is going in order to find out more about Hiram from Veronica. Betty says not to question Veronica and shares that she needs a break from Chic. Jughead agrees to be polite. Later at the Cooper’s, Chic meets Jughead and tells him to keep quiet about the murder unless he wants Betty and Alice in trouble. Betty comes back and the two leave before Jughead can really respond.

'Riverdale' recap: 'Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes'Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Andre drives the four to the cabin and reminds Archie to call him if he is needed. As he leaves, Archie notices Andre has a gun.

Veronica welcomes the group to “Lodge Lodge.” Jughead gets a call from Cheryl. She tells him about Archie and Betty’s kiss. Jughead then confronts the others about Cheryl’s claim.

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Cheryl ends her call and stares in the bathroom mirror. Toni steps out of a stall and asks her about what she said to Jughead and why. She sees Cheryl is hurting and tries to offer comfort, but the redhead becomes defensive and leaves.

The couples go to their bedrooms to talk. Veronica thanks Archie for trusting her and telling her about the kiss before. The two then start making out on the bed.

Jughead asks why Betty neglected to tell him about the kiss. He admits her close relationship with Archie used to bug him, but no longer does. They then hear a bed frame squeaking and realize what their friends are doing next door.

Later they go downstairs and Veronica makes them all margaritas. Jughead starts questioning Veronica about her family. Betty tells Jughead to drop it and Veronica misunderstands, thinking the tension between the two is about the kiss. Veronica tells them to get their swimsuits and the group goes to the hot tub.

In the hot tub, Veronica suggests in order for everything to be fair, she and Jughead should kiss. Jughead agrees, weirdly using their ship names in the argument, and the two kiss. Betty and Archie both appear agitated and jealous.

Back in their room, Betty realizes only Jughead and Archie have not kissed. She mentions that she kissed Veronica once. Betty dons the Dark Betty outfit and the two start making out. In the other room, Archie does push-ups and when Veronica suggests they have sex, he declines. They then hear their friends’ bed frame squeaking and Veronica is amused.

The next morning, Veronica notices Archie getting a text and walking through the woods. When she follows him, she discovers him talking to Andre. She is upset Archie did not tell her about Andre staying and that her father lied. She tells Andre to leave and tells Archie she and Betty are going out for a while because she needs a bit of space.

Meanwhile back in town, Josie walks in on her mom and Sheriff Keller flirting. After he leaves the two talk and Sierra says Josie’s father knows about the affair with Keller. Josie asks if her parents are getting a divorce and if Keller is as well. Sierra admits neither Keller’s wife nor Kevin knows yet, and Josie is disappointed in her mom.

Back in the woods, Jughead tells Archie about Veronica and Betty kissing. The two then talk about their friendships and how close the four of them are to each other.

At Pop’s, Josie meets with Kevin and tells him about his father. Kevin goes to see his dad and asks him for the truth. Keller admits it and Kevin is extremely upset, both angry for his mom and upset that the man he looked up to is a cheater.

'Riverdale' recap: 'Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes'Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Betty and Veronica browse the local store and Veronica asks Betty when she and Jughead started having sex. They check out and Veronica chats with the cashier and mentions her parents are back home. When they leave, Betty admits to wearing her Dark Betty getup for Jughead the night before.

When the girls get back to the cabin, Archie and Veronica and make up. FP calls Jughead and tells him that Hiram bought the trailer park and paid the back rent. Jughead angrily tells the others, saying Hiram is buying up the Southside little by little. The other three all disagree with his theory that Hiram is up to something.

Back inside Riverdale, Sierra confronts her daughter about telling Kevin. They are both upset and Sierra says Josie took away Keller’s choice of when to tell his family, just like the Lodge’s did with their family.

At Pop’s, Kevin joins Midge and Moose when they invite him to eat with them in their booth. Kevin says he is going to the movie alone and Midge says she wants to find him a date. Midge asks the two how they became friends and as Moose flounders, Kevin says they were lab partners.

At the theater, Josie finds Kevin and apologizes for telling him about the affair. He accepts her apology and she asks him if he is on a date. Toni sees Cheryl and manages to get Cheryl to open up. The two are there alone and Toni suggests they sit together. In the theater, a clip from Love, Simon plays. Toni and Cheryl sit together, as do Josie and Kevin.

At the cabin, the group is playing board games when Betty’s mom calls. While she takes the call, Jughead tells the others that he briefly met Chic and finds him creepy. Betty comes back over and tells them that Alice is upset because Hiram just bought the Riverdale Register. The couples start fighting, Jughead and Betty accuse Veronica of being in on her dad’s plan to take over Riverdale. The fight ends when they hear glass breaking and a group of guys break in to rob the place. They tell the teens if they behave, they will be fine.

The leader asks for Veronica’s purse and she takes him to the bedroom and gives him her wallet. She manages to press a panic button without him noticing and mentions she recognizes him from the store. The man in charge makes them get down on their knees and lifts a baseball bat. The phone then rings and Veronica says it is the security company and they have less than a minute before people will come. The men run, though not before one grabs Veronica’s necklace. Archie runs after them, despite the yells from the others. Archie tackles the leader and Andre appears. Andre tells he will take care of the man and to leave. Archie hears a gunshot as he is running away.

At Pop’s, Kevin and Josie get Keller and Sierra together and tell them they decided they should all start talking.

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At the counter, Cheryl opens up to Toni. She says she loved a girl named Heather when she was in junior high, but her mother found them sharing a bed. Toni replies by touching her hand and telling her that there is nothing wrong with her and that she’s amazing.

RiverdalePhoto: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The main four sit at Pop’s and Veronica is thankful Andre stayed despite her wishes. Veronica mentions Archie could have died if he caught up to the guy in the woods. The four comfort each other.

Later, Archie talks to Hiram, who commends him for doing the right thing when the men came to the cabin. Hiram asks if Archie is bothered by Andre shooting the man. Archie replies by talking about the Black Hood and saying he regrets that he hesitated. Hiram gives him Veronica’s necklace.

Jughead takes Betty home and tells her to be careful around Chic. They kiss and he leaves. Betty stands in her darkened house, looking around.

This was a mixed episode of Riverdale for me personally. I liked the storyline for the supporting four better than the main four. Cheryl and Toni connecting is what I have been waiting for since the moment they met. Choni is the only ship, other than Alice/FP, that I have really wanted to happen so far. Kevin and Josie coming to terms with their parents’ affair was a solid side story and I like that they are trying to mend their relationships. The core four, on the other hand, were such a mess. The couples fighting amongst themselves then with their friends is way overdone at this point.

Riverdale airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW. Check out the preview for the next episode below.

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