What’s on the menu at Perth’s Night Noodle Markets

Perth’s Night Noodle Markets are almost here and food lovers have been given a sneak peek at the menus of delicious bites that will be served from this Friday, March 16 to the 25th at Elizabeth Quay.

25 hawker-style stalls will serve up a cornucopia of multi-cultural flavours from cuisines across Asia in an event made specially for warm nights outdoors.

Perth Night Noodle Markets at Elizabeth Quay. Perth Night Noodle Markets at Elizabeth Quay. Photo: Matthew Tompsett

Entry is free, prices per dish vary from $5 to $20 with cash-free payment, there will be live music and entertainment and the event is family and dog friendly.

On the local front Perth’s own Malay street food Bunga Raya Satay will be there, along with traditional Vietnamese street food Saigon Eats, traditional Thai food from Bangkok Jump Street, Japanese street food from Gyoza Joint and Miss Chow`s dumplings.

Perth Night Noodle Markets at Elizabeth Quay. Perth Night Noodle Markets at Elizabeth Quay. Photo: Matthew Tompsett

The creators of Lucky Chan’s with Bao Wow will have a new stall selling baos. There’ll also be a twist on Japanese cuisine at The Modern Eatery.

Fare from the east coast is on its way with Hoy Pinoy Filipino street barbeque serving up Lechon Rotisseries to Perth for the first time, and crowd favourite Gelato Messina will return to serve up “Japanese game-show inspired” desserts.

There’s also iconic Original Korean Twist Potato, the spicy flavours of Shallot Thai, Waffleland with its freshly baked waffles, the Malaysian food of Sambal Kampung, Japanese street food specialists Donburi Station, and one-of-a-kind Japanese noodles Teppanyaki Noodles.

That’s the Night Noodle Markets at a glance – but here’s a full break down of the deliciousness that’s going to be on offer:

Gelato Messina’s Japanese Game ShowAunty Tomsu’s Cheesecake – Japanese cheesecake, strawberry and cherry blossom cream, strawberry meringue, strawberries and strawberry gelato.I Think I’m Turning Sesame – Black sesame gelato, condensed milk coffee jelly, miso crunch, banana miso bread, vanilla cream and coffee powder.Kamikaze Katsu – A deep fried gelato katsu sandwich. Sudachi lime gelato coated in red velvet cake and panko crumbs sandwiched in fluffy white bread with yuzu sauce.O-No-Giri – Green tea gelato and pistachio mousse dipped in rice bubbles and white chocolate.

The Modern EateryCone-nichiwa (Wagyu Dreamin’ Cheese) – Lightly battered tempura nori cone with yakiniku beef, cheese, edamame, kimchi, and kitty k’s garlic rice.Cone-nichiwa (Pork Kissed Yuzu) – Lightly battered tempura nori cone with pork mince, grilled vegetables, yuzu kosho miso and kitty k’s garlic rice.Cone-nichiwa (Tropical Mango Panic) – Lightly battered tempura nori cone with mango, watermelon, blueberry, green tea soba, house dressing and sesame dressing.

Ahi PokeSalmon Poke – Salmon, edamame, seaweed salad and more.Spicy Tuna Bowl – Crab stick, spring onion, seaweed salad, edamame, pineapple, shichimi powder.Tofu Bowl – Mango, spring onion, edamame, seaweed salad, cucumber.

Black Star Pastry/N2 GelatoStrawberry Watermelon Cake – The original one and only – almond cake, rose cream, watermelon strawberries, rose petals.Raspberry Lychee Cake – Bright, fun and nostalgic. Built upon a rich chocolate biscuit foundation, the layers of raspberry marshmallow and rose cream create a delicious balance of texture and flavour, while the topping of lychees and raspberries brings a sweet, succulent freshness.S’mores Parfait – Oreos, melted marshmallows, smoky vanilla gelato, chocolate ganache.Halo Halo – Caramelised banana, coconut jelly, shaved ice, ube gelato with jackfruit and topped with cornflakes.Strawberry Watermelon Soft Serve – The cake in soft serve form in a waffle cone.

Bao WowBaos – Maple Roasted Cauliflower Bao with slaw and sriracha yoghurt.Karaage Chicken Bao – Iceberg lettuce and Bulldog sauce.Coca-Cola Pork Bao – ginger carrot relish and coriander.Texas Beef Brisket Bao – peach chutney and crispy onions.BBQ Chicken Bao (Channel 9 Bao) – BBQ Chicken Bao, applewood-fried chicken, jalapeños & nacho cheese sauce.Teriyaki Chicken – Bao Wow teriyaki chicken, Japanese rice & Asian slawPopcorn chicken – Szechuan salt & yuzu aioli

Hoy PinoyChicken Adobo Fries – chips topped roasted chicken in a soy, pepper and vinegar glaze.Boneless Cebu Lechon – Cebu style Lechon chopped and served on rice with atchara and spiced vinegar.Inihaw Na Baboy – Pork belly skewers with banana ketchup glaze.Inihaw Na Manok – Chicken skewers in traditional soy glaze.Kanin – Steamed rice.

Bunga Raya SatayCharcoal Grill Satay – Marinated skewer of beef, chicken and lamb chargrill served with peanut sauce.Murtabak – Part bread with beef, chicken or vegetables.HSP (Hot Snack Pack) – Lamb/chicken on bed of fries, cheese, BBQ, chilli, garlic sauce.Coconut Rice and Rendang – Beef rendang/chilli tofu served with coconut rice.Coconut Rice and Chicken Curry – Chicken curry/chilli tofu served with coconut rice.

Donburi StationFried Japanese Gyoza – Dumplings; pork or vegetarian.Donburi (beef or chicken) – Famous Japanese stews on rice.Osaka Noodles (chicken, pork, vegetarian) – Japanese fried noodles.

PoklolChichi Fries – A choice of bulgogi beef, chilli chicken or chilli pork served on top of super crunchy beer battered fries with cheese, kimchi, shallots topped with Japanese mayo and a sweet Korean bbq sauce.Trio of Korean BBQ Tacos – A trio of bulgogi beef, chilli chicken and chilli pork tacos with pickled carrots, kimchi slaw, cucumbers, and shallots topped with a secret pokky sauce

PuffleKFC Cheese Puffle – A Korean fried chicken stuffed inside our signature cheese puffle topped with Japanese mayo and shallots.Bulgogi Beef and Philly Cheese Steak Cheese Puffle – Korean marinated bulgogi beef Philly cheese steak style stuffed inside our signature cheese puffle topped with Japanese mayo and shallots.

Sambal KampungSan Choy Bow – two pieces.Pork and Prawn Dumpling – eight pieces.Curry Chicken NoodleRoti Canai with curry chicken – Roti Canai with curry chicken

Shallot ThaiChicken Satay Roti Roll – Chicken satay, mixed salad, peanut sauce wrap with Roti.Chicken Pad See Ew – Stir fried rice noodles, chicken, egg, vegetables with sweet soy sauce.Crackling Pork Noodle – Roasted pork belly in caramelised sauce with boiled egg noodles.Pad Thai Chicken – Stir-fried rice noodle, chicken, egg, bean shoots with tamarind sauce.Vegetable Spring Rolls – Thai vegetable rolls, with spicy herb filling.

WafflelandBlack Panda – Fresh waffle with maple syrup and black sesame.Lucky Fortune – Fresh waffle with caramel syrup, lychee and icing sugar.Bangkok Night – Fresh waffle with warm Nutella and icing sugar.Dancing Dragon – Fresh waffle with melted chocolate and icing sugar.Cheeky Monkey – Fresh waffle stick with peanut butter, ice cream, fresh bananas, pretzels, wafer sticks and topped with caramel.

Ninja CuisineGyoza – Japanese dumplings, vegetarian, pork, or prawn.Okonomiyaki – Japanese pancake.Takoyaki – Japanese octopus ball.Karaage Chicken – deep fried chicken, Japanese style.

Gyoza JointJapanese Pan Fried Dumplings.Takoyaki. Japanese Octopus ball.

Bangkok Jump StreetKorat Pad Mie (Korat fried noodles) with Soft-Shell Crab – Thai North-Eastern style stir-fry with thin rice vermicelli noodles and a unique blend of tamarind juice, dried roasted chilli jam and coconut sugar tossed with egg, tofu, shallots, bean sprouts and chives. Served with crispy marinated soft shell crab.Thai Style Crispy Savoury Turmeric Pancake – Chef special’s Thai style fried savoury turmeric pancake stuffing with chargrilled marinated pork or chicken, mung beans, tossed shredded coconut and shrimp, bean sprouts, spring onions, mints and served with Thai-style cucumber and shallots relish and fresh mixed salad leaves on the side.BJS’s Spicy Pork Crackling Papaya Salad – A traditional Thai spicy papaya salad mixed with long beans, carrots, cherry tomatoes and peanuts flavoured with palm sugar, fish sauce, lime juice and Thai chilli. Served with crispy roasted pork and dry garlic thin rice vermicelli noodles on the side.Jump Street’s Caramelised Pork Belly and Roasted Pork Noodles – Silky egg noodles served with house-made roasted pork and caramelised five spices pork belly, cooked bean sprouts and Chinese cabbage. Garnished with coriander and crispy egg wontons (dry noodles).

Miss Chow’sMiss Chow’s Sliders – Bao buns served with protein of choice, fresh salad, spicy mayo and a signature sauce.BBQ Pork Bun – Buns filled with BBQ flavoured pork.Assorted Pan Fried Dumplings.Salt and Pepper Baby Squid.

Saigon EatsBanh Mi – Vietnamese roll with grilled pork and salad.Roast Pork Noodles – Crispy roast pork with fried rice noodles and Asian greens.Goi Cuon – Fresh rice paper rolls with prawn/pork and noodle salad.Banh Bao – Vietnamese steam bun with pork, egg, Chinese sausage, and mushroom.

Teppanyaki NoodlesTeriyaki Chicken Fantasticks – Teriyaki chicken skewers.Yakisoba -stir-fried noodles with cabbage, carrot, onion and garlic.

Original Korean Twist PotatoOriginal Korean Twist Potato – Fresh hand cut potato into tornado shape, twisted on a stick, deep-fried and finished with various seasonings.

Dancing NoodlesMacanese Style – Portuguese Chicken Rice – Cantonese and Portuguese influenced cuisine from Macau. A spiced chicken stew served on a bed of turmeric rice, topped with cheese, coconut cream and desiccated coconut.Chicken Mee Goreng – A sweet and tangy egg noodle dish, cooked with lean chicken breast and served with a fresh salad on top.BBQ Pork Buns – Steamed fluffy white buns, filled with delicious BBQ pork.Bird’s Nest Chicken Wing Basket – Bird’s nest shaped noodle basket, topped with salad, house recipe spicy tangy sauce and chicken wings.

Banana LeafSisig – Savory, smoky, spicy, tangy, crunchy, melt-in-the-mouth sizzled diced pork with red and green chilli peppers.(Inihaw Na Pusit) grilled squid – Grilled squid with sweet and tangy marinade and paired with a special sauce.Pancit Bihon Guisado – A delicious plate of rice noodles, meat, shrimp, and vegetables, a one-pot meal that’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser.Mais Con Queso (grilled corn) – served with butter and cheddar cheese.

The Urban BowlUrban Dried Egg Noodles – Signature dried egg noodle with special chilli sauce and option of minced pork or beef, served with fresh bok choy and homemade spring roll.Urban Mini Baguette – Mini sized baguette with the option of pork, chicken or tofu.The Urban – Charcoal grilled chicken/BBQ beef finger/tofu, served with side pickles and prawn cracker.

Sesames KitchenVegan Tofu Puff – Served with Vietnamese noodle salad, fresh chilli, mint and lime.Tempura Fish and Chips – Served with Asian slaw, sesame seeds and wasabi tartare sauce.Salt and Pepper Squid – Tossed in Sichuan pepper, ginger, garlic, fresh hot chilli, fresh lime, lotus chips and wasabi aioli.Lotus Root Chips – Served with wasabi aioli.Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks – Served with aromatic yellow basmati rice, roasted cashew nuts, tamarind coconut jus and minted yogurt.

Beer It’s Beautiful, James Squire Night Terrace will share with market goers, the incredibly diverse range of styles from one of the best craft brands in the country on tap. And to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, Guinness will be available throughout the market bars on Saturday 17th March only!

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