MEDICAL ASSISTANT – Aultman Hospital – Canton, OH

Required Education is above high school diploma or GED


The primary purpose is to provide clinical support to the physician, provide patient and family education, and work cooperatively with the remainder of the office structure .


1. Checks physician schedules frequently for any add-ons or updates.

2. Inspects patient’s medical record prior to visit to insure completeness as well as making sure the results of tests are available.

3. Rooms patients in a timely fashion making sure to identify patient and compare with chart. Obtains vital signs, height, weight, and current accurate list of medications and all pertinent information needed for the physician to assess the patient.

4. Assist with patient exams as requested

5. Refills prescriptions according to policy and protocol.

6. Correctly make arrangements for various tests to be done. This includes scheduling hospital procedures and out-patient tests. This includes precertification, authorizations, physician orders, communicating with the patient, and putting on physician schedule if appropriate.

7. Accurately completes medical forms and correctly completes and routes billing information to appropriate staff. (Example disability forms etc..)

8. Copies and releases medical records according to office procedures.

9. Documents properly and legally in patient’s chart.

10. Correctly educates patient for all testing and medications that are ordered.

11. Returns phone calls to patients by the end of the business day.

12. Notifies physician immediately of abnormal lab results.

13. Restocks and cleans exam rooms after use according to protocol.

14. Accurately documents and informs physician of patient interactions.

15. Any other duties as assigned my Practice Lead or Manager

Job Requirements

1. Graduate of an approved Medical Assisting Program.

2. Current certified medical assistant.

3. Must have current up-to-date CPR training.

4. Must adhere to office policy of yearly TB testing, OSHA and HIPAA training.

5. Evidence of good health as evidence of infrequent absenteeism.

6. Ability to meet and interact with the public in a mature, courteous and professional manner.

7. Effective interpersonal communication skills.

8. Ability to work efficiently and accurately under conditions of high stress.

9. Must be able to work as a team and independently.

10. Positive, friendly, and compassionate.

11. Must poses the ability to multi-task and work in a fast paced environment

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, or veteran status.


1. Normally Monday through Friday with a lunch break daily. Lunch breaks are coordinated with other staff members for adequate coverage.

2. May require paid overtime before or after normal working hours.

3. Subject to frequent interruptions during performance of duties.

4. Expected to adhere to office policy and procedures.

5. Subject to blood and body fluid exposure.

Job Duties or Tasks


PURPOSE: To identify specific functions job requirements and work environment factors that could affect job performance.

Check all factors that are present as essential job requirements and check whether the factor is performed.

O = Occasionally = 0- 33% of the work shift or 0- 32 repetitions.

F = Frequently = 34-66% of the work shift or 32-200+ repetitions.

C = Constantly = 67-100% of the work shift or 200+ repetitions.

N = Not essential job requirement.

C Standing

C Walking

O Lifting (25 pounds)

O Carrying (25 pounds)

O Pushing (25pounds)

N Climbing with (25 pounds)

F Stooping/Bending

F Twisting/Turning

O Kneeling/Squatting

O Crawling

F Reaching Up/Reaching Forward