Intermittent Liquor Store Clerk – Monroe County – Commonwealth of PA Bureau of State Employment – Monroe County, PA

We’re looking for friendly, motivated individuals to help deliver outstanding customer care in the fast-paced environment of our Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores!

Applicants must be willing to work in the listed county on this posting. Each application is only valid for the specified location(s) on the Job Posting. No interviews will be granted for other locations.

You must click the green “Apply” button on the top right hand corner for each posting featuring a store location of interest to you.

This is permanent, part-time work. Scheduled hours will vary based on operational needs. Opening hours could be as early as 7:00am and closing hours until 10:30pm.

This posting is for multiple openings for several stores within Monroe County.
You will be headquartered in one store, but you may be assigned to work in other stores within the county or district based on operational needs.

Applicants will be contacted via email by the Hiring Manager after the posting closes. Please check your inbox and spam mail regularly. You will have 3 business days to respond in order to be considered for the position.

Responsibilities will include assisting customers with product selection, helping to keep neat and well-stocked shelves, unloading and receiving shipments, and ringing customer sales. Career opportunities are available as well as competitive wages and benefits.

If you are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board wants to talk to you!