Customer Service Assistant – Euro Garages – Newcastle upon Tyne NE4

Main purpose of job:

Customer Service Assistants are key to the daily operations of our stores. You will be required to ensure full compliance with our policies, procedures and practices in order to maintain our high standards and to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

Our customers are vital to the success of our business and therefore providing outstanding customer service is paramount to this role. You are expected to be polite, courteous and accommodating towards our customers to ensure repeat business whilst promoting our offerings to drive the success of the business.

You will be required to work as part of a busy team using your own initiative but also following instructions.

Key tasks and main duties

  • Serve our customers at the till point and on the shop floor to the highest standards, providing a market leading customer experience every time
  • Follow all cash handing, cash drop and cash security procedures at all times
  • Identify and address customer needs quickly and effectively
  • Work and have the ability to multi task whilst under pressure from customer demand
  • Identify common suspicious activity and transactions in relation to fraud monitoring, theft and drive off’s, recording all suspicions and events in accordance with company policies and procedures.
  • Take delivery of fuel and store stock items and authorise and monitor fuel deliveries in accordance with procedure and health and safety processes
  • Conduct security and surveillance activities in line with Company policies and procedures to protect property and persons
  • Promote and upsell current in-store offers in order to drive sales and achieve sales targets, through thorough knowledge of products and services
  • Promote the usage of loyalty card schemes, ensuring each customer is asked or where possible signs up
  • Maintain store standards at all times by monitoring in-store health and safety risks, regular cleaning and restocking of merchandise
  • Maintain a clean and hygienic appearance at all times (including uniform), which reflects positively on the business.
  • Check stock regularly for use by/sell by dates and reduce accordingly in line with procedure or add to wastage reports
  • Ensure a clean and tidy personal work area at all times for both yourself and your colleagues
  • Adhere to Challenge 25 policies on age restricted items, ensuring all signage is clear and visible
  • Store and report lost property in accordance with procedure
  • Inform supervisors when equipment is not working properly and when stocks are getting low

Be part of ‘One EG’

  • Represent Euro Garages at all times as a role model of conduct and behaviour.
  • Support the business and be willing to perform all task as required of you.
  • Recognise that everyone has a role to play in Euro Garages and that we are all equal.

This list is not exhaustive and may be added to or amended from time to time.


  • Meeting sales targets.
  • Pass Mystery Shopper audit.
  • Passing store evaluations.
  • Customer feedback scores.

Responsible for staff


Skills and Aptitudes

Work Experience

Desire For The Role


Coping Under Pressure

Team work

Customer Service

Responsible to (reporting relationship)

Store Manager / Assistant Manager / Supervisor