Associate Training Coach (ATC) – iPEC Coaching – Canada, KY

Role of the ATC

The role of the ATC is to support the Lead Trainer in delivering an exceptional training experience to the students of iPEC’s Coach Training Program.

Responsibilities of the ATC

Prepare for, and deliver, 10% of the training/Mod content

Be prepared to jump in and participate in partner coaching exercises

Participate in coaching demos, as the client, with the Lead Trainer

Manage room logistics, including room set-up and break down

Prepare boxes to ship back to iPEC headquarters

Track student attendance

Distribute student materials

Assist Lead Trainer with room needs (room temperature, work with hotel to refill coffee/tea station, handling student requests, etc.)

Commit to the required schedule of on-site hours to prep, present, and wrap-up the training module

Must be an iPEC graduate

Received their CPC and ELI-MP

Volunteered at least one time for each Mod: I, II, and III

ICF Accreditation of ACC or higher

Compensation is $300 per training module.

Additional recommendations (not required)

We recommend volunteering for a complete cycle (Mod 1, Mod 2 and Mod 3) for a class in order to observe the growth that each module facilitates. (Based on availability.) Volunteering will also allow you to be immersed in the materials again. Many graduates gain a deeper understanding of the curriculum as they “go through” the program a second time. Note that volunteering does not guarantee placement as an ATC. Trainer feedback, background, energy, and experience are all key factors in evaluating one’s “fit” as an ATC.

Email/submit the following to :
Current resume

City/State of residence

CPC and ELI-MP certification dates

Training location(s)

Name(s) of your Lead Trainer(s)

Website address (if applicable)

Three client testimonials

Two-minute video presentation (on any topic)

A written response to the question: Why do you want to be an ATC for iPEC?

Coaching niche

Please contact Andy at to schedule your volunteering hours.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at any time. Again, thank you for your interest. We appreciate your dedication to iPEC!